Horseback Advisory's purpose extends beyond the technical capabilities and experience that we offer to our clients. 

Our existence is premised on the intent of making a difference to the society in which we operate through enabling our clients as effective service providers. We seek to extend the Government's strategic plan and national imperatives to change the country's economic and social dynamics through enhancing the strength and sustainability of the Small to Medium enterprises. In doing so, we play our part in enabling SMMEs to positively add to the national initiatives.  

The continued strength, sustainability and success of SMMEs  in South Africa depends on their ability to access capable, relevant and professional support services to advance their businesses. We strongly believe that the SMMEs provide a huge opportunity and a vehicle for the Government, in partnership with the private sector, to make a meaningful impact to its constituencies. We therefore exist to provide those specialised services with a specific focus on the SMMEs, to strengthen their chances of success, give them access to highly professionalised services at affordable rates and enable these enterprises to compete with established business with confidence.