We work with a number of trusted strategic partners who enhance our offering and provide specialised expertise in areas that benefit our clients. Our main focus areas entail the following areas: 

1. Improving operational efficiency for clients;

Each business is unique and is faced with unique challenges. Most businesses struggle to break out of their current state to reach their "NEXT". This is often due to a combination of factors that require careful and considered assessment, analysis and solutions to directly eliminate any inhibiting factors. Our holistic approach takes the operational environment through a detailed analysis of the current state and links it to the company's strategic goals. We do this while taking into account the prioritisation requirements. This ensures that the continuously limited resources available to any business are not wasted on experimental interventions that do not provide optimal solutions. Rather, a carefully considered, measured and prioritised framework is used to ensure that each resource is directed towards the strategic areas that provide the optimal expected outcomes. 

The secret lies in our "Client approach and methodology" which is centred around the needs of the client rather than what technical or specialist solutions exist. We make it practical, relevant and functional for your business. We do not apply a "One size fits all" approach" to our clients' needs. Included in these are the following examples of services we offer; 

  • Business process and resource optimisation solutions; 
  • Process automations;
  • System integrations; 
  • Resource optimisation reviews; 
  • Cost analysis and prioritisation reviews
  • Operational Process consolidation  

2. Implementation of client Strategy; 

How often do companies find themselves completely dissociated from their strategy in their day to day operations? How often is it that staff members operate daily without any link to the overall business strategy? When was the last time you looked at your strategy and how this links to the company's existence and well being? 

These questions reflect a very common challenge for businesses to achieving their Strategic intent over a specified period. Our approach and methodology enable us, together with management, to adequately assess the company's strategy and link it to the core activities that translate to the day to day activities of ordinary staff members. We use the Approach to holistically identify, link, develop measurement and track metrics for Strategy as a sure way of ensuring aligned implementation of the strategy. We ensure that we give you tools to enable you to use strategy as a tool for growth and alignment and not as a document to be submitted to the Board every now and then.  

3. Providing technical support for specialist needs;

 Horseback Advisory appreciates the extent to which good business principles and guidance are a critical factor to developing "good citizenry" by the private sector, especially the SMME sector in South Africa. We use our technical skills and knowledge gathered over the years and through our networks open up access for SMMEs to quality technical support. This covers those areas that for a large corporate, would largely be insured and adequately resourced, and SMMEs find them unaffordable or out of reach. The following are some of the areas we are able to provide our expertise; 

  • Taxation matters including ensuring compliance, technical opinions, resolution of long outstanding matters with relevant legislation etc;
  • Assessment of compliance of financial products' compliance with regulatory requirements;
  • Technical assessment of Financial services offerings against Regulatory  parameters;
  • IFRS for SMEs technical opinions;   

4. Helping clients identify and implement growth initiatives.

 Our company appreciates that management does not always have time to consistently track, monitor and assess all key variables that drive growth in their businesses without without the passion sometimes overshadowing conflicted key decisions. We are able to provide an independent assessment or analysis f the company's past, current and future growth projections to verify its targeted growth strategy. This ensures that management are able to focus on making informed decisions which sometimes will result in key decisions being made that require significant changes. Our approach and methodology however, is wholistic in nature and puts the client's trends and strategic aspirations at the centre of the assessment. We enable a fact based decision making Growth strategy for companies.