We believe that the success of a business is dependent on a disciplined financial management and accounting regime. This ensures that decisions and actions are ultimately aligned to what is key in to the business; "the financial performance and sustainability of your business". Through our Financial Accounting offering, we ensure that you have up to date and accurate records to inform your decisions. 

We will provide you with all your financial accounting needs through an experienced team of capable and experienced accountants. Our services are geared towards ensuring that you eliminate the need to establish a Finance function in your business. 

We ascribe to the principle that every successful business will need to ensure that: 

1. Sufficient levels of internal financial controls are in place and implemented consistently to give a true and accurate picture of financial results without the need to build a full team of in-house Financial accountants;
2. Compliance with the South African Taxation requirements as a business and as an entrepreneur is critical for the success of a business. Horseback Advisory is appropriately geared to provide you with trusted advice on your Taxation matters and ensure that your Tax matters are done on time, accurately and remove the stress for non-compliance for you and your business;
3. As an entrepreneur, you are best advised to focus on the needs of your business that grow the company. We eliminate your concerns about the technicalities of developing standards and accounting policies best suited for your business. Our technical ability and experience enables us to shape this world for you to ensure that your accounting records are based on sound and technically relevant accounting policies that give you a competitive advantage where it matters; and
4. We know that you are required to make immediate and on-going decisions without the ability to base these on sound information readily available to you. Horseback Advisory is able to develop appropriate, relevant and timely management information that suits your everyday needs through your Financial Accounting function already listed. 

At Horseback Advisory, we provide the following Accounting services while you focus on your business; 

    • Financial modelling;
    • Strategic planning;
    • Budgeting & Forecasting 
    • Financial analysis; 
    • Project management; 
    • Accounting investigations; 
    • Audit preparation and resolution of Findings & recommendations; 
    • Internal Audits
    • Profit centre/Customer/Unit Profitability analysis; 
    • Key metrics development and Performance Management; 
    • Internal Expense and Revenue allocations; 
    • General ledger maintenance; 
    • Investigation and reconstruction of the general ledger reconciliations; 
    • Preparation and submission of Income Tax returns, VAT Returns, ; 
    • Performance and maintenance of monthly Payroll processes; 
    • Tax services (PAYE, Income Tax, VAT);
    • IFRS Technical opinions preparation/review;
    • Transfer pricing;
    • Process optimisation;